How to give the ULTIMATE in home Pedicure for Pretty Feet!

Here is the procedure for the ULTIMATE in home pedicure that teaches you how to make your feet pretty!  You can do it alone of course, but in home pedicures are a lot more fun with all your girlfriends!  This procedure will give you high-end salon results, at a fraction of the cost.  And all you need is the information in this article, not a a fancy pedicure set or nail technician courses.  This article is also packed with great at home pedicure tips to give you pretty feet!

Pedicure tools:
*    nail polish remover
*    pack of cotton balls
*    nail file
*    fragrant aroma oils or vinegar
*    lemon juice
*    your favorite nail polish
*    sea salt
*    a container filled with warm water to dip your feet
*    your favorite nourishing pretty feet lotion (try peppermint lotion for cooling sensation!)
*    pumice stone
*    sweet almond oil or vitamin E
*    an orange stick
*    lots of plain white yogurt

Most of these pedicure supplies can be found in your very own home already!

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Pedicure Instructions for Pretty Bare Feet:

1.    Start off by removing any old nail polish with cotton balls dipped in a nail polish remover.  Try and do this using as little nail polish remover as possible, as it is very drying.
2.    Cut and file your toes until they have a nice, soft look.  Remember that the rough side of the file is to actually file down the nail, while the softer side is to smooth the nail.  Always file to one side, and from the outside in (no sawing motion!)
3.    Soak your feet in warm water and sea salt for at least 10 minutes.  You can also add some fragrant aroma oils, vinegar, or lemon juice to the water.  This will soften the dead skin cells on your feet.  Then dry your feet completely (between the toes!).
4.    Rub your toenails with a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice to remove possible yellowing.
5.    Scrape off the hard skin with a pumice stone.  It’s also a good time to push down your cuticles (not too much though!) since the warm water will have softened them.  I recommend using sweet almond oil or Vitamin E oil, and then push back with a cotton ball or orange stick.
6.    Cover your toes with plain white yogurt for five minutes.  The yogurt’s lactic acid will soften your toes and give them a deep clean.  It also feels great!
7.    Rinse your pretty little feet and then moisturize with your favorite nourishing foot lotion.  Be sure to use a moisturizer specifically made for the feet.
8.    Paint your toenails.  Please refer to our painting toenails article for detailed instructions.  The colors you choose will depend on whether you are doing a traditional home pedicure or a French pedicure.
9.    Put away your ladies shoes, go out in some cute ladies sandals and show off your pretty toes!

Some additional tips to really make it a full spa pedicure experience:

1.    Make sure you have comfy chairs to sit in while you are soaking your feet.
2.    Put on some relaxing background music.
3.    Burn some incense.